Special locations in Croatia and Slovenia



If you can imagine it, WE can find it.

We believe that great ideas deserve great locations. Outbase provides the most comprehensive locations selection in Croatia and Slovenia. Our goal is to make your dream location a reality. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it — and have fun doing it. We have scouted across 2 countries in over 50 regions including cities, national parks and hidden locations.


Full location services in Croatia & Slovenia

Outbase is dedicated to offering intelligent and cost effective location management operations and support for photographers, advertising agencies, film industry and other event businesses. Our 15 years of experience, attention to detail and commitment, ensure smooth running, efficient management of your project. We offer full location management services: location research and guidance, permits & contract negotiation, project management, staff operation, scheduling, location architecture,… and more.


Croatia is one of ecologically best preserved parts of Europe.

Croatia is a land where the hues of the sunny and warm Mediterranean happily blend with the tranquillity and freshness of the mountains and the gentle sway of the golden plains of Pannonia. The climate is Mediterranean along the Adriatic Coast, meaning warm dry summers and mild winters, with 2600 hours of sunlight on average yearly – it is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe! Would you like a fresh location for the next film production? Would you love to experience something new? Would you like to do business along the Adriatic Coast with its 1185 islands and islets? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then Croatia is the right place for your ideas, business production and events!


Slovenia is a unique destination and a green pearl of Europe.

Slovenia is a beautiful country. It is small in scale and it easily hides in the company of big European countries. That is also the reason why it is less known, more mysterious and thus more interesting. Slovenia is a unique destination for a film production and all other business projects – events. Slovenia is a paradise for all kind of productions and appropriate for all new age explorers, who believe in the pristine contact and who look also in the directions where others don’t. For those who love to become one with nature and take in what it has to offer.


The words of a scout and manager, Matej Mejovšek.

“Location is one of the crucial aspects of a production and event. — It’s easy to underestimate its importance. What always amazes me about Croatia and Slovenia is how much there is to see, if you take the time to look. Every part of these two beautiful destinations has hidden gems. They offer so much possibilities for fresh stories. I was the location scout and manager on 50 projects and I worked on more than 300 different locations. I don’t see places any more. I see locations. I see the whole place through the eyes of what we can achieve.”