Outbase intentionally exceeds the limits



Around Croatia and Slovenia

Outbase is a company, which implements demanding safe management, location management and location scouting projects for production companies, event organizations and add agencies in the area of Slovenia and Croatia. Outbase forms, develops and implements glamping products, wooden elements and outdoor polygons. Outbase also carries out an installation and mounting of elements in a demanding outdoor environment.


Intentionally exceeding the limits

The mission of Outbase is professional project support and development of products, which are distinguished by excellent quality. Outbase intentionally exceeds the limits, which are set by daily norms, to fulfil its mission and goals, to find the best solution for the environment. Outbase pays particular attention to the development of its services and the quality of its products. Its business is methodically developed and expanded into international arena.


High quality services

Our business process is based on professional work and project management, which ensures the highest quality services, safety of the implementation process and optimization of a project. We are a team of experts with all needed personal qualifications and licenses. Outbase has all needed permits to perform activities involved. Our base is in a well organized studio environment (office), where we prepare and manage projects, as well as professionally place them on site. We thrive towards quality and performance optimization.