Great solutions for safe projects



Safe management on water

Water areas are amazing for filming and shooting locations. Correlated to its beauty is the power of the water. We organize full safe management in, on and around wild and calm water areas. Our job is to take you close to the water, to the best shooting location and to enable you to shoot in a safe way. Wild water rescuers, rope experts, kayakers and divers are the ones who are cut out for this challenge.


Safe management in vertical areas

We provide safe management on rock and other vertical areas using rope systems. Movie scenes, which involve rope management are on place here. We organize and provide all needed equipment and rope management to get you in a safe way to the best spot on the wall.


Safe managment in urban areas

Urban areas and buildings have their special places for filming, shooting and producing amazing scenes. With us, you can do that at all possible places. We provide, build or organize rope system, rope polygons or other rope or safe management elements to safely get you to the spot where you will have the best working area.


Using ropes to make special trails

Working at height is mostly specific. We equip buildings, objects, rock, trees and other hard inaccessible terrains with rope polygons and rope systems to provide maximum safety and normal working conditions.


Words by Borut Svoljšak

It’s a pleasure to work with rope, water, mountain and other experts on our great projects. Built trust and experiences allow us to do the impossible. To find hard conditions, to succeed in challenges is what we like, because the end result is like a cherry on a cake. We do not see problems, but we see solutions and this helps us to reach the goals and say: “Everything is possible!”